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Goshen, NY

Family Session

To think that it is almost time for flowy dresses and shorts amazes me. I am READY for hot weather to be here all the time. Are you?

Hanging out with this family again was so much fun. I had photographed them when Noah was only 6 months old. For this session, we met at a park in Goshen right before sunset and watched as the sun peered through the trees.

These soft tones of yellow and blue look so pretty at this time of year and I love the way the dress was flowing. When you are considering getting pictures taken of your family and have no idea what to wear, think about what colors look good in that particular season.

When we meet for family pictures I promise we will have fun while capturing your family. I also guarantee a few pictures of just you and your significant other- when was the last time you were photographed just the two of you? I will always keep an eye on your kids while you two snuggle up. Promise.

Thank you Nick and Jess for allowing me to capture another season with your family.



Hello again! Hudson Valley, New York Photographer

Greetings from Amanda Lane Photography!

It sure has been awhile! A goal I have set for myself for 2020 is to get back into blogging! It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed. My son was born in May and he is already 10 months old. When I was pregnant everyone said to me, time flies, soak in every moment, don’t blink… Then when he was born people would say, “wow, he is changing so fast”, or “wow I can’t believe how much he has grown!”. Now every cliche, every saying that anyone has ever spoken to me are now true. I am that mom that wants to scream “STOP!” or beg time to be frozen so he stays this little forever. However, I am loving watching him learn and grow over time.

And now it seems as if time is frozen. We are all faced with a lot of uncertainties and unknowns. However, I am taking this time to soak in watching Nolan play with his toys, try new foods and grow some new teeth while I am home from work.

Although there are a lot of scary things going on, I encourage you to take this time to focus on the good. Text someone different every day and ask them what they are grateful for, call or Facetime people just to say hello, start a journal. Take this time to get back into different activities that you may have lost touch with or start something new! For me, I am taking this time to also finish a book I started a month ago, I am running and walking outside a few times a week and I’m getting back into my blog! Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for some of my sessions that I have done over the last few months! I have met a lot of new families and have captured some families who I have watched grow over the years. Thank you to all my families- new and old.

I am sending everyone a lot of positive vibes from my small corner of the world. Now that the world is on pause, soak up this time and find something you are grateful for.

Below are some images from Erin Lane Photography and Lollipop Woods Photography

Erin Lane Photography


Lollipop Woods Photography



Hudson Valley Photographer

Middletown, New York Baby Announcement

What better way to announce your pregnancy than screaming baby on the wall?! My dear friends Lauryn and Pat invited me into their home to have me capture their exciting news with the world. I loved the sweetness and intimate feel of a simple shoot in their home, posing with one of their first ever photographs of their new life. I’m so excited that now I get to share their images and even more excited that I have a friend to go through this new chapter of life with.

The biggest secret of all is the sex of their baby! Lauryn and Pat are waiting until the arrival to find out what they are having. I’m not sure about you, but I needed to know the sex of my baby! If you are like Lauryn and Pat-kudos to you!

Laur and Pat-can’t wait to see the amazing parents that you will be and congratulations on your growing family. Love you guys!

Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Monroe, New York Family Session

One of the things I love most about photography is meeting the families. I’ve met some of the nicest people through photography and have had so much fun with their kids.

I met Jen and Shawn at Earl Reservoir Park in Monroe, New York for their afternoon family session. We met when the trees were still changing colors, it was so pretty by the water! Riley and Grace enjoyed looking for acorns and twirling in their dresses. We ended their session by taking a break and swinging on the swings in the park.


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Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Salisbury Mills Family Session

{Jen, Eric, Dante, Jackson & Luca}

Want to know the secret to family photos? Have fun, be yourselves and let’s work together to choose a location that suits you and your family!

One of the last warm days of Autumn I met this wonderful family at the train trestles in Salisbury Mills, New York. Dante, Jackson and Luca love trains so this was perfect location. The sun was shining so brightly and we had beautiful skies. We had such a good time and I felt like I had known this family forever. At the end of the session Jen gave me a big hug and was so thankful… and that my friends, is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do.

Thank you Jen and Eric for allowing me to capture you and your family!


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Hudson Valley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Hudson Valley Newborn

You know what’s great about lifestyle photography? You don’t even have to leave your house. I come to you and you can include your animals, special moments in the nursery and the best part… you can stay comfortable in your own home!

Everyone meet Thomas! Thomas was just a few weeks old when I met him and he was on his best behavior! We cuddled him up with mommy and daddy in his gorgeous nursery and of course his big brother and sister, two Labradors, joined in on the fun- the dogs absolutely adore Tommy and will be the best protectors as he continues to grow.

Congratulations to Christina and Dave as you settle in as a family of four. Thank you for allowing me to capture this time!


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Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Goshen, New York Family Session

I love when I get to photograph families and see them again and again. Building relationships with my clients is something that is very important to me!

Just as the weather was beginning to get a little colder, I met Kathy and her family at a park in Goshen, New York. We had a lot of rain a few days prior to the session but that did not stop us! Emma and Aubrey stayed warm by cuddling up with mommy and daddy and squishing together for a “family burrito” shot! We took a few pictures under the Evergreen trees and then we ran around and had fun in the field.


Hudson Valley Fresh 48

Teagan Jo

I LOVE Fresh 48 sessions. There’s always some magic in the room when you are adding a new member to the tribe, whether it is your first, third or fifth baby… it’s magic. People can’t help but stare and smile at the life before them. They’re soaking up the love and also giving all of their love.

Chelsy and Joe welcomed new baby Teagan Jo in late August and I was lucky enough to capture my good friend’s maternity session and now her Fresh 48. Callan quickly fell into role of big brother and did not hesitate to show off his yellow trucks and let them zoom around Teagan as she was sound asleep. He proudly held her and kept a huge grin on his face the entire time.

Congratulations to this new family of four!


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Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Hudson Valley Cake Smash

Abram is ONE!

Growing up being best friends with Allie, I knew her sister and her whole family. When I heard that her sister, Becky was having her first baby I knew Allie would be over the moon! Lucky me- I got to meet Abram right before his first birthday! And let me tell you- he is such a cutie!

Mommy, daddy and Abram traveled from Massachusetts¬† to visit with Nana and Grandpa right before Abram’s first birthday. Mommy told me she wanted to do a “Where the Wild Things Are” theme shoot and I was THRILLED! Who didn’t love that book growing up? Of course I thought it was perfect.

\We set up a teepee (made by Jeremy of @morganmadewoodwork), and surrounded it with pictures of Abram as a baby, had his one year old stats on display, and made sure he had the tail and crown to go along with the theme. And of course we did a cake smash-the very first time Abram had cake!

Happy first birthday to this little man. So glad I got to meet a such a close friend’s little nephew! Thank you to Becky and Adam for trusting me to capture these images!


Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer

Greenville, New York Maternity Session

Chelsy, Joe & Callan

Ahhh hello baby bump! I am proud to say my friend Chelsy is becoming a mother to a little girl, due in late August! Callan is ready to be a big brother and loves showing off that he knows what’s in mommy’s belly!! Callan was such a ham in front of the camera but also loved running around the park, enjoying the freedom!

Congratulations to the D’Antono family as they expand their family… I love watching your family grow over the years!