Hudson Valley Fresh 48

Teagan Jo

I LOVE Fresh 48 sessions. There’s always some magic in the room when you are adding a new member to the tribe, whether it is your first, third or fifth baby… it’s magic. People can’t help but stare and smile at the life before them. They’re soaking up the love and also giving all of their love.

Chelsy and Joe welcomed new baby Teagan Jo in late August and I was lucky enough to capture my good friend’s maternity session and now her Fresh 48. Callan quickly fell into role of big brother and did not hesitate to show off his yellow trucks and let them zoom around Teagan as she was sound asleep. He proudly held her and kept a huge grin on his face the entire time.

Congratulations to this new family of four!


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Ava Rose


Sharing this little sweetie today! Ahhh Ava Rose! Documenting this time was special for me because I’m kind of like an auntie to her…¬† lucky me. =) Not only was it special for me for that reason, but also because I can only imagine how fast this time flies!

There is nothing sweeter than seeing a newborn squirm around and watching those fresh baby smiles. Ava was just a little over a week old in these pictures-it’s hard to believe that she’s already over a month old! And she already looks so different- slow down Ava, we want to enjoy the journey!

Enjoy checking out this cutie and the gorgeous pearls she has from her great grandma.

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Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer [Ava]


Here is a picture of great grandma wearing the pearls!

Click here to see Ava’s Fresh 48

Fresh 48/Lawrence Hospital [Ava Rose]

Welcome to the world, Ava Rose!

When I look at these pictures I still can’t believe that I was able to capture this precious time for one of my closest friends. It was such an honor to see Lori within her first 48 hours after giving birth- to even attempt to explain the emotions I felt witnessing my friend soak up all the joys of having a newborn is impossible.

Lori was glowing when I entered her hospital room! Knowing how eager I was to meet Ava, she immediately let me soak up some lovin. Ava loved the snuggles and melted into anyone who would hold her. What better way to spend the day?!

I am looking forward to many more snuggles from Ava in the near future. Needless to say, my heart is still swooning.


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